Ultrasonic discharge aids

This energy-saving and low-noise solution sets new standards and offers an alternative to conventional mechanical and pneumatic approaches. Typical flow problems such as bridging, shaft formation and segregation are effectively avoided.

SGH Ultrasonic discharge aids

An ultrasonic discharge aid can be easily and specifically retrofitted for pipelines, flat dosing channels or conveyor channels in order to optimize the flowability of bulk solids. This ultrasonic solution is also an ideal addition for hygienic applications in the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors, as the bulk material does not come into contact with foreign media. The risk of possible contamination is eliminated.

The ultrasonic excitation minimizes the static and dynamic friction forces on the walls. Storage containers, as well as conveying and dosing systems, are thus set into barely audible vibration, allowing the bulk material to trickle continuously or as required / dosed. Due to the intelligent excitation principle, the ultrasonic waves spread almost evenly over the entire surface of the container. The patented Artech frequency variation process ensures that different metallic geometries can be excited.


The generator converts electrical energy into high-frequency energy, which in turn is converted into ultrasonic vibration by the converter. The sound waves cause the bulk material container to vibrate in a high frequency range. Due to the intelligent frequency variation, the vibrations are transmitted via the connected converter with high efficiency to the container wall via an acoustic conductor welded to the container.

The introduced vibrations reduce the frictional resistance between the bin wall and your bulk material.



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