Your internal processes and requirements are as varied as the properties of bulk materials themselves. Our custom-made IBC bulk containers allow us to adapt to your circumstances.

Whether stainless steel containers for foodstuffs, steel containers for abrasive building materials, or flexible textile containers for special requirements: we always have the right solution.


Our IBC “Intermediate Bulk Containers” are ideal for the internal transportation and intermediate storage of your bulk goods.

Depending on your bulk material and its requirements, we plan and manufacture small containers up to a capacity of approx. 1,500 litres.

IBC Intermediate Bulk Containers – suitable for the desired capacity, process-related requirements, transport receptacles and additional fittings. And, of course, the containers can also be supplemented with our SGH discharge aids or other accessories.


Stainless Steel Container
Steel Container


For building materials and abrasive bulk materials, we also manufacture special containers with a capacity of up to approx. 1,500 litres.

Following a thorough analysis of your requirements and the process-related conditions, we plan and manufacture your IBC Intermediate Bulk Container from powder-coated steel.

A whole range of accessories and ancillary parts can be added on an individual basis.


As an alternative to our steel containers, we manufacture small transportation containers with a flexible membrane. For salts, pharmaceutical salts, coffee, granulates, pastilles and such like, through to ammonium nitrate, these containers offer a wide range of applications in the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Both materials are TPU-coated PES fabric with food conformity certificates in accordance with EU and FDA regulations. The portable base frames are available in stainless steel and in powder-coated or galvanised steel.

The frames are stackable on request. Pockets for transportation by forklift truck or eyelets for cranes can be selected as required.

As a rule, all our containers can be tailored to your requirements.


Flexible small Container


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