When it comes to processing bulk material, it is essential that the ongoing process always keeps running. And our promise is to continuously strive to improve the handling of such bulk materials by providing appropriate products to ensure smooth processes and to avoid processing delays. For the silo and container industry, for your application in the chemical, pharmaceutical, food and many other industries, and even for abrasive products!



To allow bulk materials to flow better.
Discharge and aeration nozzles, also for narrow cones and pipelines, and extra hygiene requirements.



For the particular requirementsof dealing with
bulk materials and the processing procedure: tanks and containers made to measure, in stainless steel,
steel or with flexible membranes.


You deal with bulk materials on a daily basis, and so do we.

Day in, day out, bulk materials are processed in industries such as chemicals, pharmaceuticals, the food sector and many other areas involving abrasive production and manufacturers of silos and containers are just as familiar as you are with the challenges of storing and processing stored goods. Do you experience issues with bulk materials that are reluctant to flow, or with bridging? Delays and quality fluctuations in the ongoing process are often the order of the day –

but we have right solutions, products, advice and service, just for you.


Mit Schüttgut haben Sie täglich zu tun.
Wir auch.

Schüttgut wird in Branchen wie Chemie, Pharma und der Lebensmittelindustrie täglich verarbeitet. Ebenso in vielen weiteren Bereichen mit abrasiver Produktion. Und auch Hersteller von Silos und Behältern kennen die Herausforderungen der Einlagerung und Verarbeitung der Lagerware: Schwer fließende Schüttgüter? Brückenbildung? Hier sind Verzögerungen und Qualitätsschwankungen im laufenden Prozess an der Tagesordnung.

Wir haben Lösungen für Sie: die passenden Produkte, die Beratung und den Service.


Mit Wissen, wertschätzenden Auftraggebern und immer neuen Lösungen wachsen wir seit nahezu 25 Jahren erfolgreich. An unserem neuen Unternehmenssitz in der Daimler-Straße in Steißlingen haben wir seit 2020 ausreichend Produktions- und Lagerflächen für die weiter steigende Vielfalt an Produkten.

Hier empfangen wir Sie auch gern für die Beratung zu geplanten Prozessen und für die Entwicklung individueller Lösungen.


Thanks to our specialist knowledge, appreciative clients and constantly-evolving solutions, we have been growing successfully for almost 25 years. Our new company headquarters on Daimler-Straße in Steißlingen has been providing us with sufficient production and storage space for our ever-increasing range of products since 2020.

We would be more than happy to welcome you here for advice on planned processes and for the development of individual solutions.


Would you like more information or to contact us personally? Write to us.

We look forward to hearing from you.


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